24th of September with Apparat+ at Kirche Elisabeth. Two new big brass Ensemble pieces by WEston Olencki and Max Murray
27th of October with Ulrike Brand at Zitadelle Spandau.
3rd of November, 4th of November and 10 of November in Münich, Bremen and Bamberg with Ensemble New Babylon and Gelber Klang with music by Ligeti, Léon, Kilger and Müller
12th of December at Elphirharmonie Hamburg with Contermporary Chamber Orchestra Elbe with Yalda Zamani and Music by Imahori and Falla
15th of Decembner at KM28 Apparats concert serie with Musik by Violy Yip together with Weston Olencki.
21st of January with Ensemble Apparat at Ultraschall Musicfestival with music by Joanna Bailie (new Work), Jorge Lopez, Ragnhild May (New Work) and Enno Poppe. Conducted by Max Murray
21st of March with Ensemblekollektiv Berlin at MaerzMusik Berlin with music by Michelle Lou (New Work), Helmut Lachenmann and Arash Bezhadi. Conducted by Enno Poppe.
6th of May at 8Brücen in Cologne. Speicher by Enno Poppe.
9th of June at Klang in Copenhagen with Ensemble Apparat with a new work by May Ragnhild
14th-16th of June and 23 of June with Ensemble New Babylon Bremen
12th and 13th of July with Ensemble Tzara and a new Filmmusiktheater piece by Jessie Marino in Zurich.