6. Juli 2019 in Munich at Musica Viva SPEICHER by Enno Poppe with Ensemblekollektiv Berlin
22. and 23. of August 2019 in Berlin OFFSHORE by Martin Hiendl
14. of September 2019 at Musikfestival Bern ACQUA ACQUA by Edu Haubensak and LET THE CURRENT TAKE US... by Karen Power with Retro Disco
October -Dez 2019 GERMANIA by Mark Scheibe at Volksbühne Berlin
2. November 2019 at Wien Modern POLYCHOTIC LISTENING TASK by Matthias Kranebitter and a NEW WORK by Sarah Nemtsov with Black Page Orchestra
5. November 2019 in Tallin STASIS by Rebecca Saunders with Ensemblekollektiv Berlin
15. November 2019 in Berlin NEW WORK by Hanna Eimermacher with Ensemble Apparat and Ensemble Mosaik
9. - 15. of December in Berlin BESTIARIUM an interactiv soundwalk for childern with die ordnung der dinge